• ASA / USA rules as per the ASA Rule Book and the ASA Code will govern.
  • All games will be 1 hour and 40 minutes, finish the inning or 7 innings.
  • The International Tie Breaker rule (ITB) will be implemented.
  • Run Rule: 15 after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings or 8 after 5 innings, per USA Softball rules.
  • Home team will be determined by a coin flip by the umpires at the pregame coach’s conference.
  • The team listed on the top of the bracket will occupy first base dugout – unless playing back to back on the same field.
  • Lineup cards are due to designated scorekeepers before coin toss.
  • Protests will be utilized per the USA Softball Rules.
  • Pool play will be seeded into a double elimination championship bracket.