Are pets allowed inside the park?

No. However, service animals are allowed provided owners have the appropriate paperwork.

What happens during inclement weather (lightning)?

Spartanburg County Parks (Tyger River Park, 295 Sports Complex, North Spartanburg Complex and Va-Du-Mar McMillan) are equipped with ThorGuard lightning detection system. If lightning is detected within a 12 mile radius of each park, an alarm will sound once and patrons will be informed and expected to take shelter immediately. All games and/or events can resume once the ThorGuard system alarm has sounded three (3) times, giving the all clear signal.

What food options are available at Tyger River Park?
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Are fields available to rent?

Yes, fields may be rented. You can check the availability for field reservations by clicking here.

Are grills allowed inside the park?

Yes. Gas and electric grills are permitted in certain areas of the park. However, charcoal grills are not allowed due to safety concerns related to potential fire hazards.

Can I park my camper overnight?

No overnight campers are allowed within the park gates after operating hours. Park staff will be more than happy to assist you in providing a list of campgrounds nearby.

Are coolers permitted?

Yes, coolers are permitted.

Are there ATM machines located at any of your parks?

No. However, your debit or credit card may be used at Tyger River Park in all concession areas. There are also several banks located within a 5 mile radius of the park.

When is the Tyger River Park observation tower open?

The observation tower is open during large tournaments and/or events when weather is permitting and the appropriate amount of staff is available.

What are the operating hours for the Tyger River Park splash pad?

The splash pad is operated from 9 a.m to 8 p.m, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Can I be transported by a golf cart if I am handicapped?

Spartanburg County employees are prohibited from transporting patrons around or to the park. However, wheel chairs are available for use at each pod and at the clubhouse of Tyger River Park. Park patrons may sign-out a wheel chair for use while at the facility.

Can I bring a bike, scooter, skateboard or other wheel apparatus inside the park?

No, wheeled apparatuses are not allowed inside the (interior) park gates (with the exception of mobility scooters for the disabled). However, they may be utilized at your own risk in other areas of the park, such as the parking lots and fitness trail.

Where or what are the designated tent areas at your park(s)?

Tents are allowed in any grassed common area not utilized by Parks personnel or contractors. However, we ask that all tent legs and awnings do not cover, protrude, or stick out on or over the concrete sidewalks. This is mandated to prevent tripping hazards, and the blocking of any entrance and exit points. All tents are required to be supervised or secured at all times for safety concerns during inclement weather.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. Most lost and found items will be directed to and held—for three weeks—at the centralized building of each park.  For assistance, please see our park staff.

Who is allowed to attend the Team Social and Opening Ceremonies?

The Team Social will be open to players and coaches only. The Opening Ceremonies is open to players, coaches, and their guests. Each player will receive two complimentary guest tickets for the ceremony.

Where can I find updated brackets?


How do I know what field my team is playing on?

The field pod and number will be listed on the bracket. Tyger River Park Has 12 Fields split into three pods. Green Pod contains Fields 1-4, Blue Pod contains Fields 5-8, and Red Pod contains Fields 9-12.

Tyger River Park map (PDF)

How can I check for weather delays or updates for game times?